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Why Custom Machining

Learn How Custom Machining Benefits Manufacturing
In the world we live in, there are so many different products, items, machines, and systems all using different, specialized parts. And whether you are a private individual or a big company in today’s world, you will need newly designed parts, replacements, and alteration parts to keep things working the way you like as part of the natural manufacturing life cycle.

Custom Machining Allows for Product Design Flexibility

As you know, custom machining is the process by which materials such as metal and plastic are completely fabricated into a part the way you need. The starting material may come in rolls, sheets, or even solid blocks, however, our machinist and machining process will turn those starting materials into any kind of part or item, of any shape, size, or complexity.

The process is referred to as “machining” because of the special machines that are used. We primary utilize CNC machines, or Computer Numerical Controlled Machines, for these jobs. CNC machines can be very high-tech, but operate on the basic premise of tooling the material by following operator commands. Tooling can refer to any number of tool-using actions: drilling, bending, folding, heating, twisting, and so on.

All of the machine-driven fabrication takes place in our special CNC machine shop facility located in Dayton, Ohio. Our CNC machine shop is staffed with professional machinists using some of the best equipment on the market, so as to have the ability to create just about anything.

With an understanding of what the process entails and is capable of, one can begin to see the importance of custom machining to improve manufacturing as a whole. Production enterprises, Automotive giants, Government entities, Aerospace companies can align with our custom machine shop on any number of projects and jobs with an industry-leading custom machining and fabrication provider.

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