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Precision Machining

Partner with an Industry-Leading Precision Machining Company

As specialists in the small components manufacturing sector, we solidly depend upon precision machining to maintain exacting accuracy during the fastest possible turn cycles for your product to achieve long term reliability. Specifically, screw machine parts are produced by multiple tools working concurrently with CNC machines. 

A Level of Specialization Unique in the Industry
Our extensive array of CNC machines include the tools, expert technicians and various materials needed to perform cost-effective, high-tech precision manufacturing of such components as threaded rods, specialty fasteners, miniature medical instruments, automotive components, military parts, aerospace instruments, electronic components, spindles, splines, metal knobs, fittings and a myriad of other custom metal parts fashioned to exacting standards. 

High-Tech Orchestration
Our precision machining process used to produce screw machined parts is more complex than a typical lathe in that they carry multiple spindles intended to accomplish mass production. These spindles operate simultaneously handling various metal bars that may come in square, round or hexagonal stock. 

It is nothing short of a symphony of programmed coordination to see multiple spring collets spinning as automated drilling, cutting, knurling and notching tools go to work on the bar stock turning out parts while excess material is smoothed, drilled and shaved away. 

Expect Exceptional Results
PSMCo, a division of GMD Industries LLC, is a leading ISO 9001 & AS 9100 Certified machine shop located in Dayton, Ohio, specializing in precision machining and manufacturing, which calls for specific and intricate design functionality. We are capable of achieving high production rates while producing uniform precision parts within the shortest process times.

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